Annoucing 2024.01.19 release of MechCloud (AWS Assets Visualization)

Annoucing 2024.01.19 release of MechCloud (AWS Assets Visualization)


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๐ŸŒŸ It's time for the first release (2024.01.19) of MechCloud for 2024 !!

As a Solution / Devops / Infrastructure Architect / Engineer you don't want to run into a situation where you are asked to look into the cloud infrastructure of a highly complex application but there is no document to give you 360 degree view of your cloud infrastructure. It is same as troubleshooting a problem in a complex machine (e.g. a fighter jet) without having a blueprint of it.

Imagine having an x-ray machine which you can point to a complex machine and it gives you 2D/3D blueprint of your machine in seconds. MechCloud Turbine module is that x-ray machine which you will point to your cloud infra and it will generate the blueprint in no time.

MechCloud Turbine module to visualize your hyperscaler infrastructure is live now and can be accessed here. It supports AWS Vpc, Subnet and VM only in this release. Support for same Azure / GCP resource types will follow soon.

In the following demo, you will see that MechCloud turbine module can discover your AWS assets across one or more accounts using pull mechanism. However, this release also supports real-time visualization of your AWS assets where you can create AWS vpc/subnet using aws cli / terrraform etc and these will reflect on the UI after few seconds. This requires creating a lambda function or something equivalent to push AWS events to MechCloud SaaS. Documentation for same will be available shortly.

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